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Our Story

Herfidence is the lifestyle brand of Cammepa Productions, created to assist women and girls in optimizing their potential to thrive in success.
A women’s hub, Herfidence uplifts women and girls globally by creating a platform to enhance their capacity to excel in personal and business life. The Herfidence woman is inspired to prosper in health, wealth, mind, soul, and body. She is a voice for her generation and paves the path for new leaders in her family, business, community, nation, or internationally.

Our Story

Herfidence Five Pillars of Grace

We operate under the five pillars by Grace to uplift women and girls in every phase of their lives. The five pillars make up the framework used to elevate women to their next success level.


EMPOWER HER                            INSPIRE HER

                                   CONNECT HER                           SUPPORT HER   

                                                                  FUND HER

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Image by Christina @ wocintechchat
Beautiful Women
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Five Pillars

The Herfidence Tribe

Services and Benefits

Herfidence TV & Blog

Funding opportunities for Herpreneurs

Empowering & Inspiring a Community of Innovative Individuals 

Connecting women on the rise

Building Healthy Relationships

Providing tools to support her success through The Herfidence Academy.

Herfidence Tribe

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Instagram Feed


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